This article will focus on the purchase of cloned cards in darknet. In detail we will consider what is it? How can you make money on it and how much does it cost? And also the risks of such a business.

Cloned credit cards are copies of bank cards from different countries.
ATMs are equipped with special devices called: Skimmers.
Skimmers are self-powered and are used to steal information from the magnetic strip on the card.
This information allows access to the bank account where the money is stored.
But to access the information is not enough, you need an access code and it is the pin code of the card.
Pin code of the card is recorded on a micro camera which is located in the skimmer and the data is stored on a flash drive.
Skimmer is able to work autonomously for 54 hours. During this time, hundreds of citizens can withdraw money from ATMs.

After obtaining the information from the magnetic tape and video recording the pin code, the attacker makes a copy using a special encoder device. You can buy it officially on the same aliexpress

Then, as a rule, such copies of cards are sold on the darknet at a price of 1 to 3. 
That is, a card with a balance of $6,000 will cost $2,000.
These are the real prices of duplicate credit cards on the darknet.
Recently, several Ukrainian media outlets wrote that a man was detained in Kiev who was cashing out such cards at an ATM.
I will attach links to the articles for your review:

Where can I buy duplicate credit cards?

Such goods are sold on the darknet tor sites.
The purchase is anonymous through the site and embedded wallet.
The seller and the buyer make a deal.
The buyer withdraws the required amount to his balance, and the seller sends him the goods.
After receiving the goods, the buyer checks them and transfers the money to the seller within the site.
This is how the purchase is made.

But many cheaters manage to create fake stores and put the price 10 times cheaper to fool the buyer.
Beware of such sites. A card with a balance of $5000 can't cost $300! Remember this!
Example scam store that sells cloned cards:



As you can see the seller promises that for $ 400 to send you a card with a balance of 2000 -5000 dollars! This is a scam! Such prices just does not exist in nature! Be smarter.

I hope my article will help many of you not to give fraudsters their money.
And remember: You can be held legally liable for cashing in cloned cards! Good Luck to you