Buy fake dollars online on the darknet.

Hello friends, the administration of the site continues to write educational articles on the topic of darknet and today we will talk about counterfeit dollars.
The darknet community is flooded with such offers. 
But alas, most of them are scams!
Demand breeds supply and scammers learned how to create fake stores to make a profit on your trust and of course they use well-known low price method
As a rule, scam stores offer you a couple hundred bucks to send you a few thousand dollars.
And of course the uninformed beginner thinks that spending 200 dollars, he quickly gets rich, but alas, the reality is very different ...
Sending your money you will get nothing.

Here is an example of a scam store selling counterfeit dollars



As you can see the seller even shows the method of manufacture)) From old bills))) This is complete nonsense.


Not only that, he says that for 1000 you get 6500! And for 3600 you get $45,000! The seller has no reviews. It is not possible to write to his customers and ask them. He only has a one-line website, which he advertises everywhere he can.

In reality, there are no such prices. The price of counterfeit dollars starts at $3,000 for a batch of $6,000. 1 to 2 price! 
There is no such thing as paying $3,000 and getting $45,000. That's ridiculous.
Counterfeit dollars are made on a special machine. With a stamping device.
Here is an example of such a device:

The cliché for making dollars

The paper is also made by hand from a certain composition.
It is very difficult to buy counterfeit dollars on the internet. 99 percent of it is a scam.
Only a few sell such goods but you will not see their ads on the sites.

How does the delivery of counterfeit banknotes happen?

If the buyer and the seller are in the same city, then the delivery takes place by a cache in a deserted place.
After payment the buyer receives the coordinates of the place and a photo of the hiding place.
If the buyer is in another country, such parcels are often sent by post disguising them

Here we see that the seller simply hid the shipment in a soft toy. A perfect disguise!

Statistics show that the U.S. market is made up of 25% counterfeit bills.
The bills are of such quality that they are easily used at an ATM to top up a credit card or a crypto-purse.
As a rule these fakes can be already recognized by the bank employees. 
I hope you liked my article. Thank you and see you again, friends.