Buy passport citizenship online darknet

Instruction for beginners on how not to do.
How not to send money to scammers.
How to choose the right seller 
What to pay attention to

How to spot a scammer!

In this article we will tell you how to buy a real passport on the darknet and not to fall for scammers!
Many people want to start life with a clean slate. And this requires new documents. A new identity. 
In darknet a lot of advertisements for the sale of documents unfortunately 90% of them - scams! 
How do you distinguish between real offers and scam?
For starters you need knowledge!
You must understand that the new official documents will not be worth a couple hundred dollars. This is all a scam designed to make you buy a cheap price and send the scammers money!
The cost of a real official passport starts at $30,000.

Here are some examples:


Here is a vivid example of passport sale by crooks. Note that the price of the finished document is pennies! Secondly, the seller has no video evidence or reviews. If you send him money you will lose it.

Look at the prices! He sells for $1,000 for a ready-made passport! Imagine people investing $500,000 each in countries to get citizenship and a passport and he sells for $1,000...


Here is an example of a real seller:

As you can see the price is $40,000!
There is also a video of a clean template and customer testimonials.
These are already serious guys.
I will leave a link to this store here

And here's a video of the blank!


Let's summarize

The people who really sell such documents have a lot of connections in the government. Most likely you will be registered as a migrant who is obtaining citizenship or you will be 
with a local resident, so that your identity will be entered in the state register.
That is, in fact, the seller offering the service of passport purchase performs a number of actions for you to become a citizen of this or that country.

By purchasing a passport you receive a new life. A new identity. A new insurance.
Such services are often used by people whose past is not very good. Drug dealers. Gangsters. Powerful businessmen. Politicians.

Many countries offer citizenship by investing in the country. The amounts are enormous. From $250,000 to $1.5 million.
Not everyone has that kind of money. And 30-40 thousand dollars is quite possible. 
From statistics, 10% of Americans have bought citizenship on the darknet. 
I hope my article was useful to you. Thank you.