Police in Russia detained a man who tried to cash counterfeit dollars bought on the darknet!

The administration of the site conducted its own investigation to understand where the man purchased the banknotes.

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Here is the original: https://news-bank.ru/grazhdanin-iz-moskvy-kupil-avto-za-falshivye-dollary-kuplennye-v-darknete/

On July 26 in Moscow there was a rather ordinary, but interesting case. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow, a citizen suspected of counterfeiting and selling banknotes was detained. Police officers detained a local resident on suspicion of trying to sell counterfeit dollars. This was reported by News-24.

According to police, the suspect bought a used car from a local resident and paid him in $100 bills. It turned out the bills were counterfeit. And the suspect stated that he had purchased the counterfeit dollars on the darknet.

The buyer could not tell the difference between a quality counterfeit bill and a genuine one! But the counting machine could not distinguish the counterfeit bills either. Only at the bank was the seller able to find out that the amount of dollars he received was counterfeit.

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Then we see the image from the Russian media article and start looking...

We google it and boom! Google gives us a similar picture. Where it says THIEF!!!
Go to THIEF and see the banner "selling fake dollars".
Go to the store and bingo! We found where the batch of dollars came from in Russia.
While I was looking for a market, I came across a couple more articles. Of course, Russia will make a big deal out of this, they need to show that they are good and don't make fake dollars themselves, but bad America brings them in)))
And the fact that their citizens order it on the darknet is not their fault)))) it's bad America)))