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I ordered a Paypal transfer and ended up getting a dick instead of a transfer. Blocked my account and confiscated the money do not recommend this mar
Ordered documents from the seller sent bullshit total even the quality is disgusting do not buy here
Ordered here DDoS attack on the site 5 days in a row can't get through to anyone this is literally a fiasco
Just a disgusting site have no idea how to even work with the client the quality of documents just sucks
Estoy bien compré un servicio de hacker lo hizo bien lo recomiendo
Die Qualität der Drogen hat mich überhaupt nicht befriedigt riecht nach Scheiße als Marktplatz überhaupt Scheiße
I had 5 orders only 3 came and 2 orders disappeared altogether admins ignored me 499 dollars my ass.
Who wants trouble come on in and you get a bouquet of problems with morons only these critters know how to ask for money for little things I won't go to this goddamn site anymore.
The drugs here are great I've been ordering for a year now maybe you have a problem with other sellers but the drug seller is a man of his word at all.
Incorrect item coordinates. 3 times they sent not the exact coordinates of the goodsIncorrect item coordinates. 3 times they sent not the exact coordinates of the goods

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