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I ordered 3 grams and got 2.7 grams sellers are some kind of wrong people doing everything through the ass.
I was trying to buy a large order, they did not sell it and I do not like their shipping methods.
I have a similar situation order was placed then talked to the seller clarified the location. After he did not answer my questions.
Is this a fucking well designed scam or what? Where's my product you motherfuckers, I already wrote about them everywhere I could bitch.
No es agradable ser engañado jodí 300 dólares para darse cuenta de que este sitio está lleno de mierda. Antes estaba bien, pero ahora no es lo que quieres ver.
Cała ta strona składa się z kretynów admini w ogóle nie patrzą, mają w dupie klientów ja zostałem wyłudzony na 500$ ale nikt nawet palcem nie kiwnął.
I can't even get past the goddamn captcha a few days in a row. Even on the site can not go to an error every time
Who bought a large batch of product here at all sells here?
Bro here work on small stuff, in a move 5 did not sell here you can not find a dealer
I also think there is nothing to do here at all there are not many normal stores like marketplace round 0.
The site sucks, they say it's supposedly the best drag site but it's far from it not possible to contact someone normally and somehow explain the situation. Deaf and all
There's nothing to do there.

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