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What the fuck is a captcha when you enter the site I do not even understand what this cocksucker wants from me faggots
As a market in general it sucks not even worth it or order anything assortment of fucked up you can not even go and here's more to go there is almost impossible cunts put such a captcha that it is almost impossible to pass even do not understand what they want idiots
Two times I checked this site both orders did not come who can not go in the fuck use your head is designed so that all sorts of cocksuckers could not go there and did shit on the site itself did not like it
The worst darknet market in the history of darknet do not recommend not even go there is a possibility that these bastards work with fedelars
I ordered drugs I had them delivered you need to choose the seller carefully of course there are good sellers and there are completely shitty sellers who will not sell you anything I have the impression of normal
I am very disappointed the admins did not even deign to osmatret my claim just ignored me and that's all. What do you think my score will be for the site after this?

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